our curriculum

All pupils receive a minimum of 24 hours formal education a week. Our timetable consists of all core subjects, PSHE, History, Religious Studies, PE, Art, Employability skills and Enrichment. We can add or remove subjects based on individual needs, however we pride ourselves on providing young people with a varied and robust curriculum, preparing them for their next steps.

Ensuring we cover SMSC in our lessons and the importance of Fundamental British Values, we aim to allow pupils the chance to explore their own faiths, culture and communities, as well as learning about other people’s.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 we recognise achievements through the use of AQA unit award schemes, BCS certificates, the Arts Awards, and in house rewards. We feel as well as ensuring pupils progress as they would do in

mainstream school, it is vital we promote learning and make education an enjoyable experience, for those who are heading into KS4.

Key Stage 4

EdStart is a registered exam centre and our KS4 provision allows learners to access various qualifications, led by staff who are experienced in raising attainment in demotivated learners. These include various GCSEs in Maths, English, Science, Religious Studies, Art, Statistics and Citizenship.

We are accredited to award BTECs in Sport and Health and Social Care, and we aim to further add to our qualifications offer for 2017/18.