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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum offer has been constructed with a view to making sure we have a sequenced, standardised approach across all EdStart schools that will help enhance the development of knowledge and skills for our young people. Although we have some minor differences in our KS3 satellite hubs, with the exception of some off-site services/facilities availability, generally the timetable is mirrored across the whole school.

Our main centres offer the opportunity for 6 GCSE subjects to be acquired in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Religious Studies, and Physical Education (PE). With the exception of Mathematics that follows the Pearson Edexcel examinations board, all other GCSE’s work in line with the AQA examinations board. We also offer life skills lessons over 2 afternoons each week either in PSHE, including RSE, Humanities, Creative Art, Cookery, IT/Digital Skills, plus Careers, including Post-16 pathways, and reading sessions, 2 of our 5 key focus areas on our school improvement plan. English & Mathematics lessons are undertaken 4 times each per week to stress the importance of numeracy and literacy in everyday life, with 3 sessions of Biology, 2 PE theory lessons, plus 1 practical afternoon as part of healthy living through exercise and 2 Religious Studies lessons.

Timetables can on occasions be adapted to suit the circumstances of the day/week, especially where it is felt that something topical or specific to the group needs discussing, to benefit the whole school or a particular centre.

In some of our centres, our young people are provided with different offers of support from other alternative providers or via amended timetables to help with their specific needs. Many of these options are planned through the expertise of our SENCO & Outreach teams, who carry out detailed analysis of individual student needs and prepare programmes and 1:1 support for those who may have additional needs, to enable them to access a curriculum that benefits and develops their knowledge and skills further.

Wellbeing also forms an important part of our curriculum offer with keyworker staff assigned students to help, advise and guide when needed, reinforced by our school counsellor who works with individual students and staff across the whole school, as well as being accessible to our cohort during the school day.