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Edstarts Responsibility to pupils
  • Provide high quality learning and teaching that enables students to reach their potential as a successful lifelong learner able to make informed choices about their future.
  • Provide access to a rich and balanced curriculum.
  • Give regular assessment and feedback on students performance.
  • Be clear about what students need to do in order to improve.
  • Be positive, giving encouragement including praise and reward.
  • Show respect for students individual needs, diversity and dignity.
  • Provide secure and safe surroundings where students are happy to work with one another and with staff.
  • Be sensitive in dealing with anything that has got in the way of entitlements as an EdStart student.
Pupils Responsibilities
  • Make the most of every learning opportunity. Remember, every lesson is important.
  • Behave inside and outside the classroom so that everyone can learn and achieve.
  • Show respect for the individual needs, diversity and dignity of others.
  • Show care, consideration and good manners for all other members of the school community and the wider community.
  • Respect the school environment, equipment and the property of others.
  • Attend every lesson, and be punctual.
  • Comply with all school rules and regulations; these will be explained to you by teachers
  • Follow the same high standards travelling to and from the centre (in taxis, on buses, on footpaths, dealing with the general public, etc.)
  • Uniform will be discussed during the admission process.
Parents/ Carers Responsibilities
  • Support the aims of EdStart and child’s learning by ensuring that their child attends regularly and on time.
  • Support their child’s learning and life skills by encouraging them to develop attitudes and values appropriate to life in a multi-racial and culturally diverse society.
  • Attend Reviews to discuss and support my child’s progress.
  • Provide up to date contact details including an e-mail address and mobile phone number to ensure that information about my child reaches me promptly.