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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

EdStart and Special Educational Needs

Edstart looks at a holistic view of all of our students and provides each student with a tailored learning plan and guidance and support. Edstart recognises that in order to meet the needs of SEN students, all staff and agencies need to work collaboratively. Edstart has an integrated approach when meeting the needs of students with a special educational need and will look at the student holistically to plan a tailored learning package.


SEN Aims of Edstart:

  • To work within the guidance provided in the Code of Practice 2015.
  • To provide a differentiated curriculum facilitating and supporting excellence for all.
  • To seek the early identification of special educational needs and the assessment of need (‘Assess’) leading to effective addition support through Individual Learning Plans.
  • To ensure that SEN students take as full a part in the curriculum as possible.
  • To involve parents/carers at all stages additional support as we recognise that their partnership in the process is vital in securing successful outcomes for students.
  • Edstart recognises that many children will have a special educational need at some time and that they can be helped to overcome their difficulties.
  • Edstart is committed to supporting all students’ individual needs.


In order to facilitate the provision of education to students who need additional support, the school will provide resources to meet the needs of such students.

Making higher quality teaching the norm is likely to mean that fewer students require additional support – such improvements in quality teaching first tend to be more cost effective and sustainable than additional support through one to one intervention and small group intervention. This is main focus of our additional support framework – as a number of groups will be operating below economic viability providing additional capacity through very favourable teacher: student ratios.

A range of support is available and will be allocated on the basis of identified needs, by the SENCo and the specialist providers.

  • Support from a Learning Mentor or Teaching Assistant
  • Alternative learning materials or equipment
  • Alternative methods of recording work
  • Small group teaching
  • Individual targeted teaching programme
  • Access to specialist provision from within EdStart
  • Access to specialist teaching programmes
  • Access to LA or support services for advice on strategies / equipment / staff training
  • Staff development to enhance skills